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Coding Lessons

These lessons are designed for the new Scratch 3 program. Each lesson comes with an easy to follow walk through plus the coding to load directly into Scratch. With the first few lessons I suggest the children drag the blocks into place and change the settings. From lesson 7 onwards you can save a lot of time by letting the children load the completed code and then attempt to change it. By now they should be experts and dragging and dropping! But do go through the code with them so they understand what each block does.

What Is Coding? What Is Scratch Lesson 1 - Walking & Flying Lesson 2 - Dancing Lesson 3 - Patterns
A PowerPoint plus teachers notes that shows how coding is all around us in the real world. PowerPoint to help learn what Scratch does and the different areas in it. Teaching the real basic of putting blocks together, backdrops, sprites and costumes. Controlling a sprite using specific code. Using the pen and colour blocks with the repeat block to create a repeating pattern.
Lesson 4 - Music Lesson 5 - Debugging Lesson 6 - Number Guess Lesson 7 - Conversation Lesson 8 - Mouse Control
Creating music using code, and adding a dancing band just for fun. Training on reading code and fixing problems. Using variables and random number generator to create a game. Creating an interactive conversation between two sprites. Using the mouse to control  a sprite and sprite collision
Lesson 9 - Key Control
Using the keyboard to control a sprite and using sprites as a weapon.
 Lesson 1 - Walking & Flying - Scratch basics.zipDownload
 Lesson 2 - Dancer - Sequencing.zipDownload
 Lesson 3 - Patterns.zipDownload
 Lesson 4 - Dancing Band - Making Songs and Timing.zipDownload
 Lesson 5 - Debugging 1.zipDownload
 Lesson 6 - Number Guess - Inputs and Random and Variables.zipDownload
 Lesson 7 - Interactive Story - Messaging.zipDownload
 Lesson 8 - Rocket Game - Using Mouse As A Controller.zipDownload
 Lesson 9 - Monkey Banana Game - Object collision..zipDownload
 What is coding.zipDownload
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ICT Lessons

Step by step ICT lessons.

Blender - Starter Lesson
A very powerful 3D modelling and animation program. This is a starter lesson to introduce you to the program and what it can do,
 Blender Lesson.pdfDownload
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Letter and Number Lines

A selection of different number and letter lines for you to print and decorate your class with. The letter lines are in a cursive font. The number lines lines go from 0 to 100. All files are in a PDF format that allows you to print selective pages, full size or multiple pages on a single sheet.

Bear Letter Line Bear Number Line Train Letter Line Hanging Monkey Letter Line
26 bears holding upper and lower case letters. Bears holding from 0 to 100. One per page so you only need to print as many as you need. 26 carriages with upper and lower case letters and an engine to put on the front. 26 monkeys that can be hung from a line suspended across the class by their tails.
Hanging Monkey Number Line Racing Car Number Line Plane Number Line
Same as the letter monkeys. Both come with double sided versions. 101 colourful racing cars. Why not cut out the driver and replace it with pictures of your kids? 101 colourful airplanes. Cut out the cockpit and place in there head shots of your kids?
 Bears Letters.pdfDownload
 Bears Numbers.pdfDownload
 Letter Monkeys.pdfDownload
 Number Monkeys.pdfDownload
 Planes Numbers.pdfDownload
 Racing Cars Number.pdfDownload
 Train Letter.pdfDownload
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Class Signs

Class signs to print and place on your class room door or in the class. If you would like a new one added to the list based on a specific subject them please let me know and I will try and find the time to create one for you. Use the form below to request a class sign..



ICT Class Sign Creation Request

What item / animal / person would you like a class sign for?

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Displays & Borders

Some displays and unique borders to help educate and brighten your rooms.

Keyboard Display Blue Circuit Border Green Circuit Border
A display to help children identify the common keys on a keyboard. A blue circuit board border for ICT or technical displays. A classic green circuit board design for display boards.
Desktop Wall Papers
30 high quality wall papers for PC or laptops with inspirational sayings.
 Blue Circuits.pdfDownload
 Green Circuits.pdfDownload
 Keyboard display.docxDownload
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Learning Mats

These printable posters are designed to help give the children pointers in their research about specific subjects. 

For the fire of London. About evolution and the diversity of animals. About the polar regions. About what it was like to be a pirate. About your local area.
What makes a predator. What were cavemen really like?
 Bright Lights Big City.pdfDownload
 Fozen Kingdom.pdfDownload
 Land Ahoy.pdfDownload
 Local Area.pdfDownload
 Tribal Tales.pdfDownload
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