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Pupil Leadership

We introduce pupil leadership roles as we want our school to be the kind of school that everyone enjoys coming to, where everyone knows and understands each other. We want it to be a cheerful place, where we look after everyone.

Pupil Voice

At Cliffe Woods Primary School we are passionate about ensuring our children are heard and we endeavour to give all our children opportunities to share their thoughts and opinions and play an active role in the decisions that affect their learning and well-being.

We have built strong relationships between children and teachers/adults in the school by establishing their representatives, for example, members of the school council, prefects, reading ambassadors and lunchtime/playground leaders. These elected children wear different colour ties, which makes them clearly visible in our school.

During regular school council meetings, children can discuss and raise any questions regarding school life and any other matters close to their hearts. School council members are encouraged to listen to their peers and inform the school of any issues and suggestions children may have.

One of the recent projects of the school council was to find a way of rewarding children for their hard work. Children were able to vote in classes for a form of reward that children will receive after collecting DoJos. Thanks to that, DoJo winners will now get a prize at the end of term 2,4 and 6!

A group of children take part in Medway Youth Council project, where children from peninsula schools, are working collaboratively for a year on a project of their choice. The aim of those meetings is to make Medway a better place for our young people, thinking about what they want. Our children have a chance to work with children from different schools, take part in fun activities and have a chance to shape what Medway has to offer for a young person.

In the near future, to enrich the pupils voice, Cliffe Woods Primary School will be a part of Smart School Council. We believe that this new approach will benefit our school and will further support learning around democracy and British values. We also aim to implement ‘Ask me basket’ where children will be able to ask any question for the school council to bring to the meeting and discuss it further.

head pupil team at cliffe woods primary school 2023

Head Pupil Team

pupil prefects at cliffe woods primary school


sports ambassadors at cliffe woods primary school

Sports Ambassadors

Trust Student Voice

At Aletheia Academies Trust, we all understand the importance of getting all pupils involved in the direction of the schools and how students can be an instrument to affect positive change in our school communities. Bi-monthly a number of school councils from each school get together to discuss what individual schools have done recently, to plan what they want to achieve in Student Voice for next year and ways to ensure the group is feeding into the Trust to have an impact on the overall development.

To find out more about our Student Voice, please visit the Trust website here