Year 2 – Zebra Class

Class Information

Year 2 Class Teacher: Miss Z Humphries

Year Group Teaching Assistants: Mrs. R Sandher, Mrs U Lyons, and Mrs. J Ramsey.

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Welcome to Zebras Class (Year 2)

Welcome to Zebra class and Year 2! Miss Humphries teaches Zebra class, supported by an excellent and experienced teaching assistant.

Year 2 is all about building on what we have learnt in Year 1 so you will find that lots of the topics we cover have been covered the year before. However, we will be looking at these in more depth, making comparisons and starting to apply what we already know to different contexts. For example, looking at significant people such as Queen Victoria or Neil Armstrong and using our understanding of Queen Elizabeth and Christopher Columbus to explore how and why they are so significant in History.

Presentation is an important part of our work and in Zebra class, we work hard on our handwriting, especially once we begin writing in a cursive style. Those that show real progress or make big efforts to improve the presentation of their work are rewarded with a special pencil.

We love reading in Zebra class and enjoy listening to or reading a range of stories, including some written a long time ago!

We work hard and as part of a class team to earn dojos, table counters or marbles for our class jar. We celebrate positive choices and show resilience in all that we do.


Our timetable can be downloaded below. Here, parents and pupils have the opportunity to view the class schedule to see the day-to-day routine including the range of curriculum that is covered. We have found that children with SEND have responded well to visually see the structure of the day ahead.

Zebra Class Timetable

Terms/Topic Information

Here at Cliffe Woods Primary, we produce a year group newsletter every other term, communicating the key topics that will be covered, these can be found below.

More Information about the subjects can be found on our curriculum pages.

AutumnYear 2 Autumn Newsletter

Useful Parent Resources in Year 2

For further useful resources, please visit each curriculum page.