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13th Mar 2020

Mary - being really helpful and working hard!

Aaliyah - being really helpful and working hard!

Brae - Demonstrating all of our core values and in particular showing respect with impeccable manners.  

Liam - Resilience – fantastic improvement with his assessment outcomes.  


6th Mar 2020

Millie - a superb performance in the Beep Test this week!

Ellie-May - really trying hard with her writing and producing an excellent story this week. 

Erin - a superb performance in the Beep Test this week!

Dillon - Respect – having a respectful attitude always and taking pride in his work.

Joshua - Resilience – always listening to advice on how to develop and improve his work.


28th Feb 2020

George - Thankfulness – always appreciating the support given to help him to improve his work.  

Sienna - Resilience – always reading her next step comments and using this to help her to improve her work.  

Erin - Compassion – always caring and thoughtful to others.  


14th Feb 2020

Ethan - creative poetry writing.

Erin - creative poetry writing.

Ava - showing fantastic teamwork.  

Daniel - for being a decoding genius.  


7th Feb 2020

Dylan - excellent, clear reading this week.

Jack - focusing and trying hard with his writing this week.

George - Showing compassion to others and using his own time to prepare resources to support a good cause.  

Sam - always having a respectful attitude and always demonstrating why he deserves to be a prefect.  


31st Jan 2020

Alfie - brilliant research skills and a fantastic non-chronological report.

Olivia - Outstanding writing both in English and History.

Children in Tiger Class - Being fantastic representatives of Cliffe Woods School at the HMD event at Rochester Cathedral. You all spoke really clearly!


24th Jan 2020

Ben - fantasic artwork that depicted emotion.

Edward - fantasic artwork that depicted emotion and was very poignant.

Aaliyah - a really informative piece of topic work.

Sam - trying really hard with extended pieces of writing this week. 


13th Dec 2019

Patrick - fantastic English homework.  

James - fantastic artwork and sketching skills.  

Madison - demonstrating a good arithmetic ability within maths.

Samuel - attempting to include good detail and description within his writing. 


29th Nov 2019

Mary - working hard and always being on task. 

Dylan - being an enthusiastic reader. 

Harry - great focus in his assessments.

Zak - great focus in his assessments.


22nd Nov 2019

Balraj - excellent confidence and ability to add and subtract fractions.

Harry - good descriptive writing in English.

Alexander - having fantastic ideas when writing to persuade.  

Hannah - Showing respect at all times and being a fantastic role model.  

Poppyjo - perseverance and writing a fantastic creative story.  


9th Nov 2019

Poppy - working well in science and identifying inherited features. 

Jack - being kind and helpful towards younger children at breakfast club.

Ava - fantastic organisational skills.  

Mia - fantastic organisational skills.  

18th Oct 2019

Bethany - always being a positive and polite member of the class. 

Jackson - demonstrating really good model building skills. 

Grace - Fantastic confidence when presenting her skills builder project.  

Sam - An amazing term in year 6 – a true team player and fantastic example to all.  


11th Oct 2019

Josh - showing a fantastic work ethic.  

Sienna - showing a fantastic work ethic.  

Isobel - excellent vocabulary within her writing. 

Balraj - welcoming others to the class and being kind and thoughtful towards them. 


4th Oct 2019

Will - reading well when reading to an adult- with good fluency and ability to discuss the text. 

Florence - really focussing and trying hard with her reading when reading to an adult. 

Brae - Exceptional perseverance skills in order to produce outstanding creative writing.  

Olivia - Exceptional perseverance skills in order to produce outstanding creative writing.  


27th Sep 2019

Sam - showing resilience when learning his lines. 

Harrison - excellent focus; enabling him to produce some fantastic art work. 

George - great communication skills and showing commitment to his work.  

Hugo - Application in mathematics and working logically.  

Zara - Fantastic mathematical skills and showing great independency.  


20th Sep 2019

Erin - always doing the right thing and working hard during lessons.

Eshan - showing excellent skill and control whilst dribbling the hockey ball in PE.

George - putting his best effort into everything since starting year 6 and showing great resilience.  

Hollie - demonstrating all of the school core values and in particular, always being willing to help others.


13th Sep 2019

Daniel - Listening to advice regarding his handwriting and acting upon it to produce excellent cursive script.

Rebekah - Asking relevant questions using the knowledge to improve her work.

Dillon - Having a successful start to the year, showing the qualities expected of a mature and sensible year six child.

Liam - Having a successful start to the year, showing the qualities expected of a mature and sensible year six child.

Franky - a really mature start to Yr6

Poppy - a fantastic storyboard in English and generally working really hard at all times so far. Keep it up!