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13th Mar 2020

Athena - Showing an exceptional effort and progress learning about fractions and decimals. 

Harrison - Trying really hard in his spellings and spending time to practise his spellings at home as well as applying the knowledge acquired in his writing. 

Betty - Bringing a smile to the face of everyone.

Kaide - Excellent independent work during our topic on fractions.

6th Mar 2020

Brooke - Beautiful artwork and attention to detail when looking at patterns in nature. 

Angel - Wonderful descriptive writing and the Iron Man and focus during English 

Narinder - Being very kind and helpful to her peers and adult in the classroom. She always comes in with a lovely smile and she is very polite. 

Zaq - Working very hard and having a ‘can-do attitude towards everything he approaches. He relishes challenge and thrives.  


28th Feb 2020

Elissa - For being a positive role model and always portraying the school values (compassion and respect) in and out of the classroom.  

Hugo - For being resilient towards his learning and for trying really hard to produce a remarkable letter.  

Jessica - Great understanding and discussion of texts, giving creative answers.

Finley - Excellent work in Maths involving measures.


14th Feb 2020

Meerkat Class - For being the most loveliest and supportive bunch of Meerkats. I am going to miss you all very much!  - Miss Edwards

Cedar - For designing and creating a wonderful Iron Age Torq  

Kaylan - Having an improved attitude towards her learning and impressing Miss Edwards in all aspects of the curriculum!  

Archie - An excellent diary entry.

Beau - An excellent diary entry.

Isla - An excellent diary entry.


7th Feb 2020

Zaq- Excellent knowledge about soil and for sharing so enthusiastically with the class.

Athena- Resilience and perseverance in learning her times tables.

Angel- Fantastic effort in learning her times tables.

Holly- Excellent story writing.


31st Jan 2020

Elijah - An excellent recreation of Stonehenge.

Eva - Improved effort in all areas of the curriculum.

Isla - Always being a kind and caring member of the class with a big smile on her face! 

Ella - Always making wonderful and thoughtful contributions to lessons especially RE.  


13th Dec 2019

Archie - Excellent imaginative description when writing a Viking saga.

Elijah - A sensible attitude to all areas of school life.

Narinder - Writing an excellent recount of a Viking Saga and for correctly using speech. 

India - excellent defensive hockey skills. 


29th Nov 2019

Lily - Determination and perseverance during her English and Maths assessments

Rayyaan - Writing a very convincing argument why Stoik had made the wrong decision using persuasive language.

Elaana - Having an excellent attitude towards her learning and completing extra work at home to extend her knowledge.

Betty - Always upholding the school core values.

Chloe - Perseverance and effort when learning to play a musical instrument.


22nd Nov 2019

Corey - Superb effort learning his lines for our class assembly.

Finley - Excellent mental arithmetic skills when using money.

Ethan - A very confident performance in our assembly.  

Hugo - Writing a very creative description of his amazing pet. 

Ella - Excellent understanding of fractions and being able to help and support others.  


9th Nov 2019

Kaide - Determination and perseverance when tackling times tables.

Lacey - Excellent imaginative ideas when creating her own dragon.

Ruby - Always upholding the core values.

Joshua - Writing a very creative description of the digestive system.

Hannah - Writing a very creative description of the digestive system.


18th Oct 2019

Hugo - Writing a lovely diary entry including fronted adverbials about Boomer’s time at the Animal Olympics.

Ashley - Determination and resilience with column addition and subtraction

Amy - Sharing good ideas and knowledge on our trip.

Dexter - Great map reading and leadership skills on our trip.

Joshua - Showing determination and resilience on our trip.

Molly - A kind and caring attitude towards others.

Mrs Andrews - Helping and caring on our trip.


11th Oct 2019

Ava - Producing a beautifully presented piece of work on endangered animals.  

Kaylan - Showing resilience and producing a fabulous African Mask.  

Alfie - Interesting ideas in his safari sounds poem.

Jasmine - Fabulous football skills!


4th Oct 2019

Harrison - Showing perseverance and producing some wonderful animal haikus.

Jayden - Producing a lovely piece of work on endangered animals. 

Dexter - Thoughtful responses during R.E.

Maisie - Excellent understanding during Computing and being a fabulous IT assistant!


27th Sep 2019

Elissa -  Being an excellent role model and a kind and compassionate member of Meerkat class. 

Zaq -  his impressive scientific knowledge when classifying animals and using classification trees. 

Enola - Always trying her best and completing a whole week at school!

Isla - A superb piece of descriptive writing.


20th Sep 2019

Jessica - Working hard to present her work beautifully.

Joshua - Sharing his understanding of Christian values with confidence.

Gracie - Impressing me with her artistic skills and creating a beautiful postcard of Kenya.

Olly - Showing excellent defending skills in our football lesson.


13th Sep 2019

Eve - Having a great start to Year 3 and contributing to class discussions. 

Jenson - Having an excellent attitude to his learning and for helping his friends. A great start to Year 3

Beau - Listening carefully and trying his best to do what is asked.

Amy - Proactive helpfulness during P.E.

Brooke - Excellent creativity making a sunset collage.

Joshua - Showing resilience and determination during our assessments.

Lola - Showing compassion to other members of Year 3.