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Cliffe Woods Primary School

13th July 2018

Ocelot Class - Making me so proud and doing yourselves proud by performing your hearts out in our end of year production.

Springbok Class - For a fantastic effort in performing ‘The Life of Oliver’.

29th June 2018

Blake - For making some great props for our production.

Sophia - For making some great cabbages for our production.

Sophie - For making some great cabbages for our production.

Jack - Have a mature attitude, taking on board comments to improve and having the determination to succeed.

Mia - Always doing the right thing at the right time – a true ambassador for the school.

Sophia - Doing over and above to support our school production – you’re a star.

22nd June 2018

Holly - For her commitment to our production and her amazing singing and dramatic skills.

Lily-Mai - Showing dedication and commitment to learning her lines for our production.

Toby - For showing great perseverance with his acting skills.  

Lily - For being a fantastic help in KS1.  

8th June 2018

Peaches Lee - For working extremely hard in English this week.

Sophia - Bennett - For working extremely hard in English this week.

Ocelot Class - Their determination, perseverance and shear hard work to ensure their writing folders are top notch.

25th May 2018

Year 6 - For showing great resilience and perseverance during SATs.

Sophie - For showing great resilience in completing writing tasks.

Joshua - Perseverance with his extended writing.

Sufyan - Perseverance with his extended writing.

11th May 2018

Lily-Mai - Dedication, commitment and enthusiasm for her work on a non-chronological report. 

Abigail - Dedication, commitment and enthusiasm for her work on a non-chronological report. 

Ruby - For showing great investigative skills during science investigating densities.  

Blake - For being kind, caring and considerate all the time.  

4th May 2018

Max - Showing great resilience in P.E.  

Sophie - Showing great resilience in P.E.  

Mya - Working collaboratively as part of a team.

Eleanor - Superb focus, determination and concentration.

20th Apr 2018

Talvin - For working very hard in all subjects and generally demonstrating a positive attitude.

Oliver - For showing great sportsmanship during P.E. 

Toby - For showing great sportsmanship during P.E. 

Jack - Supporting others and helping them to improve their learning.

William - An amazing start to term 5 with dedication to his learning and a brilliant attitude.

23rd Mar 2018

Eleanor - Becoming continually more independent with her own learning and for being a super reliable friend to others.

Holly - Commitment to her learning and being a kind and extremely helpful member of the class.

Isabella - For working very hard on her story about the Highwayman.

Harry - For working very hard on his story about the Highwayman.

James - For working very hard on his story about the Highwayman.

16th Mar 2018

Toby - For working very hard all week as well as collaboratively.  

Max - For working very hard all week as well as collaboratively.  

Finn - Working as a team to produce an amazing piece of writing.

Lauren - Producing consistently good writing.

23rd Feb 2018

Aman - Having a fantastic attitude to learning – always working hard and always ready to learn.

Benjamin - Producing an amazing booklet that combined imaginative descriptions and stunning illustrations.

Charlie - Writing imaginatively and editing his work independently.

Lacey -Jane - For working very hard on classifying conundrums.  

Sophie - Great perseverance in her English work.  

William - For showing grit and determination in Maths. 

9th Feb 2018

Charlie - doing extra homework in English.

Harry - For working collaboratively in maths.  

Benjamin - Writing with flair.

Natalie - Showing courage.

2nd Feb 2018

Oliver - Working hard and having a sensible attitude to learning this week. 

Sufyan - Great mathematical thinking and reasoning. 

Taylor - For supporting other children during maths with their understanding.  

Sophie - Showing a fantastic attitude towards P.E. always trying her best.  

26th Jan 2018

Matthew - Dedication to his own work and always finding time to support others.  

Owen - Applying himself with his learning both in class work and in additional group work.  

Blake - For including a great variation of punctuation in his writing.  

Ella - For including a great variation of punctuation in her writing.  

19th Jan 2018

Aman -  Exceptional and emotive artwork.

Benjamin -  Creating a detailed and poignant piece of art.

Karina - Being a fantastic ambassador outside of school.

Sophie - Fantastic at following specific rules.

15th Dec 2017

Finn - Working collaboratively, having worthwhile discussions and producing a fantastic letter of complaint.

Jack - Working collaboratively, having worthwhile discussions and producing a fantastic letter of complaint.

Blake - Being able to retell a story in great detail.

Eloise - Always having on point behaviour and completing her prefect responsibilities with enthusiasm and pride.

8th Dec 2017

Holly - Brilliant comments during English and independently recognising the high expectations required for fantastic written work. 

Joshua - Answering lots of questions in maths and recalling work completed previously.

Mia - Good knowledge of synonyms and antonyms in general and being able to give examples of powerful and descriptive synonyms. 

Sophie - Fantastic recall of strategies to use when calculating fraction problems. 

1st Dec 2017

Charlie - Great attitude and dedication to improving.

Sophie - Exceptional effort and concentration in the maths assessment. 

Natalie - Good concentration when drafting a piece of extended writing.  

Oliver - Showing kindness to others.

24th Nov 2017

Abigail - Developing fantastic independency when editing her written work.  

Mia - Continuously producing excellent English homework and for being well organised for learning.  

Oliver - For being a great sportsman and always being fair.  

Lacey - Writing a fantastic story about ‘The Lost Thing.’

17th Nov 2017

Lily-Mai - Supporting others and being a friend to all.

Rhys - Having fantastic general knowledge when discussing WW2.

Lily - For showing some great resilience during topic work.

Toby - For showing great perseverance calculating division problems.

20th Oct 2017

Sophie - Great perseverance in her English work.

George - Great understanding in ordering fractions and division.  

Holly - Working hard to edit her work and use powerful vocabulary. 

Madison - Perseverance to achieve a goal. 

13th Oct 2017

Lacey-Jane - Great behaviour and attitude towards all her work.

Oliver - Great calculations and measuring of angles in triangles and quadrilaterals.

Talvin - Writing a great chapter one of Alma and planning an even more exiting second chapter.

Lauren - Transferring her brilliant ideas into accomplished writing. 

William - Fantastic skill and showing sportsmanship when playing tag rugby. 

6th Oct 2017

Ella - Fantastic use of vivid description in her first chapter of Alma.

Charlie - Fantastic use of vivid description in his first chapter of Alma.

Harry - Making good choices and for being helpful in supporting KS1 children during lunch. 

Charlie - Responding to feedback in a positive way and improving his work. 

Mathew - Writing with style and flair.  

Owen - Making an excellent start with his 4-minute maths multiplication work.

Eloise - For always looking out for others.

Karina - For writing an amazing story with flashbacks.

James - Mature and sensible attitude during playtimes.

22nd Sep 2017

Blake  - Great behaviour and attitude towards all his work .

Sophia - Lovely mannerism and positive attitude towards school.

Aman - Responding to feedback and showing perseverance when redrafting his work.

Benjamin - Being an enthusiastic reader and using his extensive vocabulary gained from reading in his written work. 

Maisie - Fantastic understanding in mathematics this week.

15th Sep 2017

Max - Working extra hard in maths and English.

Charlie - Fantastic effort all round.

Jack - Writing with style and creating superb visual imagery.

Eleanor - Responding to feedback with a mature and positive manner and improving her work.

8th Sep 2017

Lily - Showing fantastic listening skills and applying it to her work. Fantastic effort!

Ruby - Being courteous and conscientious.

Finn - starting year six with a mature and hardworking attitude.

Holly - answering lots of questions and sharing her knowledge with the rest of the class.