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Cliffe Woods Primary School

13th July 2018

George - getting so involved in our Titanic topic and knowing so many brilliant facts about it. 

Gracie -  excellent teamwork during our Ebbsfleet Garden City building challenge.

Olivia - really good team work, resilience and contributions whilst playing in our house team football tournament.

Reece - excellent goalkeeping in PE and really demonstrating resilience.

29th June 2018

Annie - demonstrating integrity in all situations. 

Dylan - showing compassion towards others.

Freya - a continually have a great attitude towards learning. 

Ronnie - really good ideas during a science investigation. 

22nd June 2018

Imogen - not giving up, being resilient and really improving her swimming.

Jai - excellent thought and good structure whilst writing a World Cup poem. 

Ronnie - working well as a team to design and construct an aerodynamic/low wind resistant building.

Dire - working well as a team to design and construct an aerodynamic/low wind resistant building.

Alex - working well as a team to design and construct an aerodynamic/low wind resistant building.

Brendan - Writing passionate World Cup poetry.

15th June 2018

Madison - showing good integrity whilst at school.

Reuben - showing good integrity whilst at school.

Danielle - Brilliant ideas and contributions in English when looking at our debate topic: should boys and girls play in mixed sports teams. 

Henry - An excellent first person narrative of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes’ story in RE.

Megan - Always showing compassion and respect towards others.

8th June 2018

Evie - good problem solving in science and showing resilience.

Imogen - good problem solving in science and showing resilience.

Amelia - good problem solving in science and showing resilience.

Ronnie - Brilliant work on reflection and translation in Maths this week; well done!

Violet - Always upholding all of the core values; thankfulness, resilience, integrity, respect and compassion. 

Alex - Always showing curiosity and enthusiasm in lessons; well done Alex!

25th May 2018

Reece - excellent contributions to discussions and showing real enthusiasm whilst at the Royal Observatory

Isabelle - Creating an excellent dream catcher in Art this week.  

Brendan - Creating an excellent dream catcher in Art this week. 

11th May 2018

Alex - Working really hard in English to produce some good descriptive writing on ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. 

Aryan - Great work in Maths this week, particularly when working on angles. 

Sophie - Great attitude and hard work in Maths this week, particularly when working on shape. 

Amelia - good observations within science.

Oliver - a really good attitude towards his learning this week and showing resilience. 

4th May 2018

Alex - Creating an excellent newspaper report about what happened on ‘Tuesday’.  

Danielle - Showing great enthusiasm and passion when creating a pamphlet about the rainforest and deforestation. 

Harrison - Showing compassion by always being kind and caring to his peers (and adults too)!  

Jai - always being thankful and grateful when opportunities are given.

Yuvraj - always being compassionate towards others.

Phoebe - creating some excellent shape Top-Trump cards. 

20th Apr 2018

Jonny - Always having a good attitude towards work in all subjects!

Freya - An improved confidence since the beginning of this term, particularly in Maths 

Toby - making the effort to write some poetry in his own time. 

Oliver - getting on really well with his English work.  

23rd Mar 2018

Reuben - superb reading and understanding of a text. He’s always a motivated reader and is a pleasure to listen to. 

Ellie - amazing results in her maths assessment! 

Lana - Always showing herself to be a compassionate and caring member of the class!

Gracie - Always working exceptionally hard in every task set. Well done for your resilience and hard work! 

16th Mar 2018

Dire - Making a good effort in English recently to improve his writing and add in a personal voice. 

Adam - An amazing World Book Day costume- Koala class were all very impressed (and scared)!

Amelia - an excellent planet display piece. 

Ellie - an excellent planet display piece. 

23rd Feb 2018

Ronnie - Excellent effort in all subjects, but particularly in Maths this week. Keep up the hard work!

George - His excellent attitude towards work this week, particularly in Maths- keep it up! 

Ronnie - Always working hard in lessons, contributing fantastically and for producing some excellent work along the way!

Lucas - always being a motivated learner in maths lessons.

Reece - good contributions to lessons.

9th Feb 2018

Alex - Great involvement in our class discussions and excellent enthusiasm during our Science experiment this week.

Isabelle - Excellent effort in PE, both in organising and defending for her team.

Dylan - a well thought through and built bridge in DT. 

Alistair - a well thought through and built bridge in DT.

2nd Feb 2018

Brendan - Showing a huge improvement in his behaviour and attitude this term; keep it up!

Danielle - Making an excellent effort in Maths this week, particularly when converting improper fractions to mixed numbers.

Alfie - excellent contributions in German.

Aimee - some superb mature ideas in English. 

26th Jan 2018

Shayne - being determined and resilient in PE.

Lana - being really helpful around the classroom.

Alistair - good contributions to both Topic and English lessons.

Rebecca - excellent contributions to RE lessons

19th Jan 2018

Megan - Upholding our school core values, and for always being such a polite and positive person. 

Violet - Producing an excellent fact file on Pythons in English.

Toby - making a good effort with his writing.

Riley - trying hard with his reading this week.

15th Dec 2017

Shayne - Making a great effort in Topic to produce a job advertisement for a Roman charioteer. 

Aryan - Always being eager to contribute to class discussions.  

Yuvraj - some good alliteration.  

Riley - excellent ideas in English. 

8th Dec 2017

Toby - improved presentation of his work.

Oliver - fantastic effort with his writing this week.

Alex - Using persuasive techniques to write an impressive letter in English this week.  

24th Nov 2017

Danielle - Showing confidence and skill when presenting her work to the rest of the class (both in Science and English)!  

Sophie - Concentrating hard in class this week, particularly in English. 

Alex - Putting brilliant effort into his English work this week.

Olivia - producing some fantastic artwork!

Jai - producing some fantastic artwork!

17th Nov 2017

Megan - Consistently trying hard in her Maths work.

Brendan - Showing enthusiasm and interest in our new class text, ‘There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom’. 

Alex - Showing enthusiasm and interest in our new class text, ‘There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom’.

Rebecca - trying really hard with her maths this week and answering lots of questions.

Riley - trying really hard with his writing this week more independently.

20th Oct 2017

Yuvraj - always doing the right thing and being a pleasure to teach this term.

Ellie - fantastic writing from a given setting. 

Isabelle - Great use of description in her story writing this week.  

Adam - Showing enthusiasm and perseverance in Maths this week, particularly when solving our puzzles! 

13th Oct 2017

Amelia - including some excellent vocabulary within her suspense writing.

Annie - including some excellent vocabulary within her suspense writing.

Henry - Working hard in English to produce a very spooky story!

Violet - Working hard in English to produce a very spooky story!

Ronnie - Working very hard in Maths, which resulted in great scores in his assessments throughout the week. 

6th Oct 2017

Jack - trying really hard with his spellings each week and getting excellent scores.

Alistair - fantastic group work in English.

Dire - Excellent participation in RE and Music this week, particularly during our class debate!  

David - Great sportsmanship and teamwork in PE this week.  

29th Sep 2017

Jonny - Having a wonderful attitude to his work this week- well done!  

Gracie - Writing a wonderful set of instructions and a letter to the Sorting Hat this week.  

Evie - fantastic topic work!

Ryder - fantastic topic work!

22nd Sep 2017

Lucas  - Settling really quickly with all tasks.

Rebecca - Always doing as asked and being a real pleasure to have in the classroom.

Lana - Writing a wonderful recount of Harry’s trip to Diagon Alley.  

Harrison - His positivity and enthusiasm towards all areas of the curriculum. 

15th Sep 2017

Jai - trying really hard with his handwriting.

Madison - really enthusiastic with all tasks and trying hard.

Freya - Always being beautifully polite, positive and ready to learn!

Freya - An excellent acting performance in our English lesson this week!

8th Sep 2017

Phoebe - Showing herself to be a hardworking and excellently behaved member of the class.

George - Starting Year 5 off fantastically!

Ronnie - Showing himself to be a very hardworking member of the class- great start!

Reuben - settling in superbly and already becoming an active member of the class. 

Oliver - starting back with a superb attitude to the new school year.