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Cliffe Woods Primary School

11th May 2018

Aleisha - Showing determination and resilience when writing a brilliantly descriptive paragraph based on The Tunnel.

Teddy - Showing curiosity in exploring the artist Lichtenstein and creating a beautiful piece of art in this style.

Elliott - Showing his excellent knowledge of Superheroes during our topic work this term.  

Connie - Always being a kind, considerate and respectful member of Panda Class. 

4th May 2018

Daniel - Showing resilience in Maths, pushing yourself to work through challenges.

Max - Being a respectful and polite member of our class.

Freya - Being a kind, caring and considerate member of the class.

20th Apr 2018

Jaxon - Planning an excellent and creative letter.

Mollie - Wonderfully imaginative and funny ideas about why objects in our classroom might ‘quit’!

Elliot - Showing excellent attitude towards his school work and not giving up when he finds it tricky.

Regan - Using interesting and exciting language in her English work. 

Juniper - Working hard to complete all of her work in English lessons. As well as using interesting and exciting language!

23rd Mar 2018

Charlie - Writing a fantastic character description for Jack Beechwhistle.

Sophie - Excellent imaginative description during English.

Oliver - Exceptional progress in Phonics!

Paighton - Producing an excellent Arcimboldo themed portrait!

16th Mar 2018

Eleanor - Contributing to class discussions and completing all of her work to a high standard.

Matthew - Working hard to improve the quality and quantity of his work in English. 

Isobel - Showing compassion to her peers.

23rd Feb 2018

Jaxon - Showing a positive attitude to work and becoming an imaginative and creative writer.

Mollie - Working really hard to improve the presentation of her work, particularly her handwriting.

Holly - Her incredible descriptive phrases in all pieces of writing.

Jayden - Working hard and completing all of his English work in lesson time.  

9th Feb 2018

Ben - A great understanding of how to tackle missing number calculations.

Thomas - Always being spotted doing the right thing!

Aiden - Trying hard to improve the quantity and quality of his writing in English.

Brianna - Asking excellent and interesting questions during our Topic lessons this term.

Isobel - Being a helpful, kind and considerate member of Panda Class!

2nd Feb 2018

Bruce - Showing perseverance and a new enthusiasm for reading.

Dylan - Showing a wonderful enthusiasm for reading and a love of books.

Rebecca - For creating a beautiful ‘Hands of Giving’ poster in R.E

Henry - Excellent, imaginative writing in English.

Nela - Being a good role model to her peers in all lessons.

 26th Jan 2018

Oliver - Writing an excellent and informative fact file on Dinosaurs and remembering all the features of non-fiction writing.

Harriet - Writing an excellent and informative fact file on Dinosaurs and remembering features of non-fiction writing.

Jada - Writing an excellent and informative fact file on Dinosaurs and remembering features of non-fiction writing.

Alex - A creative and exciting dinosaur poem!
Jamie - Working hard to complete all questions in Maths and getting them all correct!

19th Jan 2018

Aleisha - Working hard to complete her work in time and improving her handwriting.

Preston - A great improvement in independent reading.

Fynn - His enthusiasm in our Topic this term. 

Freya - A great start in her new school! 

15th Dec 2017

Leah - Her enthusiasm in the lead up to and during our Christmas play. 

Ruby - Saving the day and giving an excellent performance to both the school and parents in our Christmas play.

Katie - A great start in your new class!

Daniel - A great start in your new class!

8th Dec 2017

Lily-Mae - Showing determination and initiative in her English work and taking on a tricky challenge!

Paighton - Always putting her full effort in to any task given and having a hard working and positive attitude.

Henry - His excellent attitude towards his schoolwork.

Zach - Making excellent choices in class and outside at playtimes.

Juniper - Always having a positive attitude at school and being a good friend to all her peers.

24th Nov 2017

Regan - Showing a positive attitude towards school and all of her work.

Elliott - His detailed diary entry as Captain Scott in Topic.  

Theo - Persevering when writing his letter to Father Christmas.  

Abby - Writing an excellent letter to Santa.

Teddy - Being a kind and thoughtful friend.

17th Nov 2017

Brianna - Working hard to improve the quality and presentation of her work in English.  

Connie - Her amazing, descriptive letter from Goldilocks to the Three Bears.

Lexie - Writing a brilliant and imaginative letter to the Three Bears.

Emilly - Being an extremely helpful, polite and hard-working member of the class.

20th Oct 2017

Fynn - Listening to instructions and making good choices.

Charlie - Working hard to improve his reading.  

Jada - Writing a wonderfully detailed autobiography!

Lily-Mae - Working extremely hard in Maths!

13th Oct 2017

Lola - Writing an excellent fairy tale, with great character description and different sentence starters.

Harriet  - Writing an excellent fairy tale, with great character description and different sentence starters.

Max - His detailed and imaginative stories in English.

Isobel - An excellent role model to all of her peers and writing her own fantastic fairy tale!

Alex - Writing her own creative and exciting fairy tale. 

6th Oct 2017

Mollie - Writing an imaginative and creative new ending to Red Riding Hood!

Harry - Outstanding handwriting!

Elliot - Making excellent choices both in the classroom and at play times.

Sophie - Making excellent suggestions and raising interesting points in class discussions.

Leah - Her amazing alternative story to Little Red Riding Hood. 

29th Sep 2017

Oliver - Making great progress in reading and working hard so on your word cards.

Isaac - Working hard on your spelling and getting full marks in our spelling check!

Bruce - Working so hard on the presentation of his work and for getting all of his spellings correct!

Eleanor - Excellent descriptive writing in English.

Aiden - Excellent independent writing in English. 

22nd Sep 2017

Freya  - Always offering to help in the classroom and being an excellent role model to her peers.

Jamie - Having an excellent and positive attitude towards all areas of his learning. 

Dylan - Fantastic independent work in class! 

Oliver - Being a Maths Machine!

Rebecca - Excellent ideas for a Pocket Poem!

15th Sep 2017

Matthew - Being a helpful member of the class and an excellent friend to all of his peers.

Holly - Being a helpful member of the class and an excellent friend to all of her peers.

Nela - Organising herself for her learning and completing all tasks in the time given.

Olamiposi - Excellent behaviour and attitude to learning and for a fantastic start to Year 2!

8th Sep 2017

Jaxon - Working so hard over the holiday on his handwriting!

Oliver - A fantastic start to Year 2!

Ruby - Positive attitude to all areas of her learning.

Jayden - Making excellent choices and having a positive attitude towards his learning.